Cosplay, the art of creating and wearing full costumes based off of anime and video game characters, is more popular than ever. Fans from all over the world flock to the internet to show off their latest creations, and one cosplayer has now revealed a stunning rendition of Pokemon's Mewtwo.

Pokemon cosplay isn't anything new; fans have been mimicking their favorite Pokemon for years, either by reproducing their appearances faithfully or by creating humanoid versions of them. However, this latest rendition might beat them all.

Cosplayer Willowcreativ3 revealed their new creation via Twitter. The cosplayer hasn't yet completed their costume, as Mewtwo's iconic coloring and is still absent, but what they've already produced is remarkable. The cosplayer's video reveals them shuffling around as an authentic-looking Mewtwo. Aside from the human eyes peeking out from under Mewtwo's, it almost looks like a Pokemon come to life.

The cosplayer isn't stopping at just creating a life-like Nintendo cosplay, though. They've also rigged the inside so that they can furrow Mewtwo's brow on command, reproducing the glower that Mewtwo is so well known for. The tail is also remarkable, as it stands up on its own the way that Mewtwo's does. This was evidently accomplished with a PVC pipe and iron wire that the cosplayer attached to a belt, keeping it in place.

The Mewtwo cosplay will likely be finished in time to still enjoy the hype surrounding Pokemon Sword and Shield. Unfortunately, Mewtwo was one of the Pokemon that didn't make the cut in the game. A number of Pokemon from Kanto and beyond were axed in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which has received a negative response from fans. Those fans will likely be glad to see one of the most iconic creatures from the original games receiving this much time and attention from a cosplayer.

Of course, it's not all bad news for Mewtwo. While the Pokemon didn't make the cut in the latest games, it was included in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, and had a major appearance in the successful Detective Pikachu film. While Game Freak has chosen to avoid Mewtwo this time around, clearly the fans are still passionate about Mew's clone.

Source: Twitter/WillowCreativ3