Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are together one of the holiday 2019 season's biggest hits. The franchise's arrival on Nintendo Switch has been met with incredible excitement, due at least in part to a range of exciting new Pokemon to catch. As is The Pokemon Company's nature, now that Pokemon Sword and Shield have proven successful, it's time to capitalize via merchandising. Today The Pokemon Company revealed the next round of popular Pokemon plushes, all of which are new Pokemon from the Galar region.

The five new Pokemon receiving plush toys will be Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Corviknight, Drednaw, and perhaps the most-wanted Pokemon of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Wooloo. Yes, everyone's favorite sheep Pokemon is getting an official plush from The Pokemon Company, though it's unclear whether it will be able to properly Rollout. Coincidentally, these five Pokemon were some of the first from Pokemon Sword and Shield to be initially announced, too.

According to The Pokemon Company, these five Pokemon plushes will be available starting December 14, but as per usual will only be available at the Pokemon Center in Japan. As such, they'll likely be soon to follow on Amazon Japan, but may be some time off from arriving in the west. Odds are the official Pokemon Twitter account will confirm when the plushes will be coming west as soon as there's a confirmation to share. That it hasn't been confirmed yet likely means they won't arrive for the holiday season. Potential buyers can always chance international shipping from Amazon Japan, though.

While these five Pokemon are some of the first from Pokemon Sword and Shield to receive plushes, they aren't the first. That honor, understandably, goes to Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon. Grookie, Scorbunny, and Sobble each have plushes available right now via the Pokemon Center store. That includes smaller plush for $17.99 and a larger plush for $49.99. The new Pokemon plushes, when they're available, will likely only be of the smaller variety.

pokemon new plushies

It's unfortunate that, due to The Pokemon Company being based in Japan, Pokemon merchandise tends to arrive internationally too late for the holiday season. The starter Pokemon plushes and a few scarves seem to be all that The Pokemon Company managed for 2019. Nevertheless, it's great to see more Pokemon plushes in the works, so that Pokemon Sword and Shield players can start to put together their favorite plushie team compositions relatively soon.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.