Following the reveal that the long-running Pokemon anime was undergoing a soft reboot with the next season, many questions were raised as to how this would look and work. Thankfully, there has been no time wasted as to reveals for the show, including the confirmation that Ash Ketchum was returning, the new protagonist Gou, and even the new Kanto region Professor. Now, the appearance and a few other details for the female lead character, the aforementioned Professor's 10-year-old daughter, has been revealed.

Her Japanese name is Koharu, with no English version yet revealed for the character. She takes on the role of the childhood friend in the Pokemon Sword and Shield anime, and she was seemingly raised alongside Gou. Koharu's partner Pokemon is a Yamper, one of the new Galar region-Pokemon, and Koharu also has an interesting voice actor. Anime fans may recognize her voice from the roles of Mayuri Shiina or Rize Kamishiro in Steins;Gates and Tokyo Ghoul, respectively, as Kana Hanazawa is the voice actress behind each of them.

Beyond that and her appearance (seen below), very little else was revealed about the Pokemon character. Given that she's the childhood friend of Gou, it seems likely that she will join the main protagonists on their journey across every Pokemon region. It can't be entirely ruled out that she will serve as a rival, either, someone who Gou and Ash will find themselves frequently trying to outdo to prove themselves. Like Gary was the grandson of Professor Oak, Koharu is the daughter of Professor Sakuragi, meaning they may represent two sides of the same coin either way.

In all likelihood, more about Ash, Gou, Koharu, Sakuragai, and others will be learned in the coming weeks/months. Pokemon: The Series, as it is simply named, will begin on November 17th in Japan, with the new take on the long-running franchise set to come to America sometime in 2020.

It's currently set to begin in Japan just a few short weeks after the end of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. Many may be ready for the new journey that Ash and friends will find themselves on, but many will also likely remember the recent take on the animated series due to the fact that it brought the old story to an end and finally gave Ash Ketchum a Pokemon League Victory.

Source: WWG