The newest season of the Pokemon anime is making some big changes. Not only is Ash no longer the lone protagonist of the show, as he's joined by newcomer Go, but the series will also be expanding beyond just a single region. While the new Pokemon episodes will visit Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield's Galar region, it'll also be revisiting many of the Pokemon franchise's past regions. Perhaps to add some more familiarity to the changing show, it's now confirmed that two popular past characters will be returning.

Team Rocket will once again be returning in the new Pokemon anime series. The official Japanese account for the Pokemon anime series confirmed that Jesse, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet will be a part of the new show, just like they tend to show up in every Pokemon anime series from time to time. It would be a shame if the quartet didn't join the show, since Ash and Go will be revisiting so many places where Team Rocket has history, too.

The announcement tweet doesn't offer any new information, but does drop somewhat of a teaser. The tweet starts by saying that the charming villains who hunt Ash's Pikachu will be returning. Team Rocket, chasing Ash and Go, will also be appearing in every Pokemon region. Then, to build up some drama, the tweet says that Team Rocket will be revealing its latest secret weapon in the new series. Will it be a new teammate, a new Pokemon, or another disastrous invention? Pokemon fans will have to tune in to find out.

No further details are provided about Team Rocket's confirmation for the new season, but further information is unlikely to be necessary. Team Rocket isn't exactly the most dynamic set of characters in the anime. They'll show up as necessary to add conflict to the story and be charming. And, if fans are lucky, maybe get an episode with further Team Rocket backstory or something more introspective.

Team Rocket's inclusion in the new season of the Pokemon anime is another reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In the most recent season of Pokemon, Ash wins a championship for the first time in his career. But, despite the addition of the new protagonist Go, it's clear that not much will be changing in the cartoon. Ash's Pikachu may be one of the strongest Pokemon out there, at least in Alola, but Team Rocket will forever believe it can capture it with ease.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.