The upcoming PS4-exclusive game Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima is set to feature a curated soundtrack, featuring songs from licensed artists including Bring Me the Horizon and CHVRCHES. The Death Stranding soundtrack has apparently come about as a collaboration between PlayStation and Sony Music, and as it turns out, we may see many more officially licensed soundtrack with PS5 games.

The officially licensed music from the Death Stranding soundtrack will be featured throughout the experience, with the game serving as the testing grounds for this approach in future video game projects. If fans respond well to Death Stranding's integration of music, Sony will likely look to do something similar with its future PS5 titles. This is according to a report by Rolling Stone, citing insider imgs at Sony that said Death Stranding is "being seen as an important benchmark of increased creative collaboration between PlayStation and Sony Music Group, ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5 console in 2020."

If accurate, this would be one of the first details we've learned about how PS5 games will differ from previous PlayStation titles, outside of the obvious visual upgrade. Sony has only released a few bits of information about the PS5 so far, and more information isn't expected to come until sometime next year.

One rumor claims that Sony is planning to host a PS5 reveal event at some point in February, where it will reveal the PS5 design and perhaps give fans a look at some of its games. More substantial information about the PS5 should come later in the year, perhaps at E3 2020 if Sony decides to attend next year's event.

Either at E3 2020 or around that same time, we expect to learn the PS5 price, release date, and launch titles. The console is already confirmed to be launching in the holiday season of 2020, so a November or December release date for the PS5 seems the most likely, but we'll learn definitively at some point next year.

The huge success that has been the PS4 means Sony has all the momentum behind it going into the next-generation of video game consoles. It will be interesting to see if it can maintain its grip on the industry once its new console is launched.

Source: Rolling Stone (via GamesRadar)