After Sony officially confirmed the PlayStation 5 release date for next November there was no question that development on the console is moving full speed ahead. Moreover, any speculation about dev kits was confirmed, meaning plenty of Sony partner studios have PlayStation 5 prototypes in their office.

While few would expect those studios to break NDA, an alleged photo of the PlayStation 5 dev kit has made its way online. Unsurprisingly, the prototype looks a lot like the patent that Sony filed and is believed to be one of the mockups for the PS5.

YouTube creator ZoneofTech has included an image of the PS5 dev kit in its video. ZoneofTech claims that a img sent them an image of the PlayStation 5 dev kit, but would not provide any evidence to corroborate whether this image is legitimate or not.

alleged photo of playstation 5 dev kit

Assuming that this is the PS5 dev kit, then there are a few things that fans can glean from the image. It looks as though the PS5 will support both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, which has become the standard for most tech in the industry. It will also feature a disc drive, presumably for Blu-Ray discs.

Outside of that, though, the image doesn’t offer a lot of details about how the actual PlayStation 5 might work or look. Dev kits rarely look like their retail counterparts, and it’s hard to imagine this design will carry over to the final product. The airflow is presumably very useful for a dev kit that is running non-final hardware, but Sony will want a more consumer friendly look when the PlayStation 5 releases in November 2020.

But beyond all that there is no way to confirm that this is a real PS5 dev kit. We’ve seen digital mockups of Sony’s patent already and this looks like a physical version.

Also, dev kits are merely for development purposes and they usually don’t carry finalized specs, tech, or features. The PlayStation 5 is not going to look like this, it may not have this many USB ports, and there certainly will not be System and Network Initialization buttons.

Still, it’s fun to consider the designs that the PlayStation 5 could take on, and it’s exciting to know that developers are working on next-gen Sony games. Most likely fans we’ll get their first look at the real console early next year.

Source: ZoneofTech