The holiday season is well underway, and it's supposed to bring good cheer with it, but that isn't the case for PewDiePie right now. According to his wife, their home has experienced a break-in and a great deal of their valuables have been stolen.

PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, is arguably the world's most recognized streamer and YouTuber, with a staggering number of followers and fans on all social media outlets. He and his wife Marzia, who has a sizable following all her own, recently tied the knot after years of dating each other.

Unfortunately for Felix and Marzia, neither the holidays nor their popularity could shield them from this upset. Marzia posted a shocked and shaken notice of the burglary on Instagram, stating: "Our house was broken into and they took 90% of my valuables, from my jewellery [sic], to luxury goods and special items I've been collecting over the years. It's all gone." The Instagram post appears to have been taken down since.

No further information is currently available on the burglary, including whether or not police have any suspects in mind. Chances are no further information will be shared until if and when any arrests are made.

pewdiepie marzia instagram property stolen

At this time, PewDiePie himself hasn't commented on the burglary, so there's no telling what valuables of his might have been taken. It's even possible that the extraordinarily rare red diamond creator award might have been among the things taken, especially if the person or persons breaking in were aware of whose house it was. PewDiePie received the red diamond creator award following his massive achievement of reaching 100 million subscribers. Of course, if the perpetrator(s)' goal was to simply steal things they could easily sell, then PewDiePie's gaming and recording equipment may have been at risk.

Unfortunately, nothing can replace the sentimental value of the items that were taken, nor the sense of personal safety Marzia and Felix have likely lost, if only temporarily. Thankfully, the two do earn a sizable sum, as PewDiePie earns millions more than other popular YouTubers, so replacing items of monetary value should be well within reach for them. It's likely a small comfort right now, however. In the meantime, the duo's droves of fans are eagerly supporting them on social media, likely providing some solace in this difficult time.

Source: Dexerto