A pet shop employee is fired after being caught mistreating a dog in a Twitch live stream. On November 13, Twitch streamer RIPRoyce visited the  Bark n’ Bitches Dog Boutique in Los Angeles, CA. where she caught an upsetting incident on stream. After one dog bit another dog, an employee at the store picked up the dog and threw it down onto the floor. A Twitch clip from the stream caught the sound that the dog made when it hit the concrete floor, but viewers cannot see it land. The dog can then be seen hiding under a chair and its head appears to have been hurt. RIPRoyce and another person at the store then try to help the animal.

In a video posted to Facebook, the owner of the store Shannon von Roemer responded to those asking about what had happened. Von Roemer called what had happened "intolerable" and said that "all actions will be taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again." Von Roemer also confirmed that the employee who threw the dog had been fired and that the dog has been to the vet and is doing "fine."

Click here to see the stream, but be warned that it contains disturbing content and strong language.

If you have any further concerns or questions regarding this incident, please feel free to email us at [email protected] #rescuedogsrule

Posted by Bark n' Bitches Dog Boutique / Jimi's Angels on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

However, several comments on Facebook ask for the employee to be reported to the police for their actions. Others have asked to see a confirmation from the vet about the dog's health and a video of the dog that was hurt so that viewers can see how they're doing.

Twitch viewers often take a hard stance on the mistreatment of animals. When Alinity was accused of animal abuse, thousands signed a petition to ask for her to be banned from Twitch. PETA also tweeted Twitch and asked them to ban Alinity. This didn't happen and it prompted many to criticize Twitch and its moderators.

Viewers also reported Alinity to the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and an investigation was held into her actions. Alinity was cleared of any criminal offense but it has made Twitch viewers look for more footage of animal abuse, reporting the behavior if and when they see it. It's unclear whether the Twitch viewers who have seen this clip will also report the store to the police, but many will be glad that something has been done about the person who did this to the dog.