The Japanese release of Persona 5 Royal is rapidly approaching, and developer Atlus has been using the momentum to release a series of "Morgana's Report" videos about the game. The latest video gave away some information about Persona 5 Royal's DLC, as well as teasing the return of protagonists from Persona 3 and 4.

Persona 5 Royal is the upcoming re-release of Atlus' 2016 JRPG Persona 5, and the company has previously let loose some details about the game's new expanded content, such as an extra school term for the Persona 5 protagonists.

According to the latest Morgana's Report, DLC for the game will include extra-hard challenge battles: the Phantom Thieves VS protagonists from previous Persona games. These battles take place inside the Velvet Room. The video stars the returning protagonist from Persona 4 using his Izanagi persona, and the protagonist from Persona 3 using Thanatos; players will want to make sure they're ready for a tough fight before taking on either of these characters.

There's also a new mode coming to Persona 5 Royal called "My Palace," which seems to function like an interactive gallery dedicated to the characters and events of Persona 5, where players can revisit story cutscenes and character interactions, look at artwork and even listen to the Persona 5 soundtrack. Significant items from the game are on display, and players can reminisce on past events with characters like Hifumi Togo and Ichiko Ohya.

My Palace sounds like it'll be full to bursting with content since more can be unlocked using the in-game P-medals currency--provided players complete enough challenges to earn the money. Players can explore the palace's archives as a Shadow Thief of their choosing and the palace as a whole is customizable, so players can add various persona figurines and more. The mode even has a minigame element to it, as Joker (who is getting a few new abilities in Persona 5 Royal) can sit down and play a few rounds of the card game Daifugō with friends. And finally, players will gain access to a number of costumes and skins, including those from Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and the looks featured in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

All in all, Persona 5 Royal looks like it'll have no shortage of new content for players to explore despite being a re-release. The only downside is the wait that Westerners are looking at; hopefully, after the game's Japanese release, Atlus will narrow its release window for that too.

Persona 5 Royal releases on October 31 in Japan and comes to the West in the spring of 2020 for PS4.

Source: Atlus via YouTube