Competitive multiplayer games like Overwatch are all about finding an edge over your opponent. Most of the time, this edge is found through ways the developers intended through mechanics. But this isn't always the case.

Overwatch is highly competitive and any sort of trick to get one over on your opponent, and unless it's the use of hacking, will likely be an acceptable measure to take. Even with the recent announcement of Overwatch 2, a new trick has been found that allows the character Widowmaker, already known for her agility, to be even more mobile than before by using an already implemented mechanic in a new way.

This mechanic involves Widowmaker's grappling hook. When the player uses the grappling hook while pressing against a wall, it fires off, but does not begin the cooldown meter. Originally, this was likely implemented in case the player accidentally hit the grappling hook hotkey while facing a wall, which is useless 90% of the time. But Reddit user HeluLeHaricot has found a use for it that might tilt the advantage towards unfair.

The trick essentially uses the grappling hook in a way it may not have been intended originally. It's typically used to cross vast distances, allowing the sniper to get to high ground. This new maneuver, seen in the above video, is used more like a ledge grab, allowing Widowmaker players to move away from danger quicker and more frequently to places other characters cannot usually follow.

This kind of edge is different from knowing a good sniping spot because it can be applied on every map. Every player can effectively use this to their advantage while playing as the character, which balances it out in a sense, especially if it's common knowledge, similar to knowing every Overwatch character's hitbox. It may not have been Blizzard's intention to have the grappling hook used in this way, but it's up to the developer to decide whether or not it fits the character, or if it's cheesing the mechanics.

Some of the more competitive types that don't use Widowmaker may feel that this mechanic should be patched out. Once it becomes more well-known, it will almost assuredly cause drama between those who support it and those who want it patched out.

Overwatch is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.