Many want to be the very best at a game. Overwatch's leaderboards have always encouraged competition, and a streamer has recently reached new heights. Streamer, TreeboyDave is the first player to hit Level 10,000 in Overwatch, and he streamed the moment live to his fans. Yet, this isn't the first milestone TreeboyDave has shared on Twitch, and it looks like more could be on the way.

Overwatch as a team-shooter has a relatively simple leveling up system. Players gain experience through games and after level 22 players need 20,000XP to be promoted to the next level each time. Clearly, TreeboyDave has played a huge number of games to gain the amount of XP he has. However, the impressive achievement wasn't unprecedented.

TreeboyDave was the first to hit level 4,000 and 5,000, so leading the pack is nothing new to the streamer. The streamer has consistently been ahead of the pack and will hope that his dominance continues. With rumors of Overwatch 2 being announced at Blizzcon 2019, TreeboyDave may have to start all over again to keep on top in the near future. In fact, TreeboyDave was relaxed about his victory, commenting, "Nice, ten thousand, there we go. Game hasn’t crashed yet, but yeah, there we go."

Despite recent backlash, Overwatch players are enjoying the game. The new Halloween event has likely drawn some players back. The developer, Blizzard was criticized by members of Congress over Blitzchung's ban. The ban and the political situation in Hong Kong have put Blizzard in the spotlight and attracted a lot of negative comments. Despite the attention the developer has received, it seems that players are still enjoying themselves and doing amazing things with it. Overwatch has led to some incredible streaming events and many will want to see more incredible milestones before the game gets a sequel.

Blind Twitch streamer, BlindlyPlayingGames, got play of the game four times in a row in Overwatch. There have been some amazing displays on Overwatch and there will surely be more to come. Whether TreeboyDave can keep up the pace, and continue to lead in future iterations of the game remains to be seen. For now, it may be time for the streamer to enjoy his success before targetting his next goal. With that said, don't be surprised if you see TreeboyDave at Level 15,000 soon.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and the Switch.

Source: Dexerto