Fans of the online hero shooter Overwatch are anxiously awaiting the release of the newly announced Overwatch 2, which was presented at this year's BlizzCon, but the original game is still going strong. In fact, players continue to explore the nooks and crannies of every map to find effective spots to counter their enemies and win games. Recently, someone found a very good sniping spot for Widowmaker that many likely never knew existed.

Finding a good spot to perch is essential to being the deadliest sniper possible, and Widowmaker is one hero in Overwatch that has the advantage of being able to reach high, out of the way places on maps that make her difficult to counter. Reddit user xXsimonsXx discovered an excellent sniping location that players will definitely want to check out.

Players will be able to find it shortly after the second gate on Gibraltar. First, they will need to get to the rooftop above the back route of the final checkpoint. From there, players can grapple up to a portion of the rock wall where they can stand and wait for headshots. For a clearer look at this location, xXsimonsXx has made a post on Reddit with a video that walks players through the steps required to reach it.

As this shows, players are uncovering new things in Overwatch all the time, even in the older maps, and there are surely plenty more secrets like the one above to unearth. Now that it has been confirmed that Overwatch 2 will add four new maps to the game, there will be even more for players to explore. The maps were shown briefly in the sequel's trailer, and include Toronto, Rio De Janeiro, Monte Carlo, and Gothenburg.

For those worried about missing out on these new maps, fear not; they will be available to Overwatch 1 players as well, most likely when the sequel launches. While Overwatch 2 will include visual upgrades and new content, Blizzard has confirmed that both games will fully merge at some point in the future.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.