Overwatch has a huge following and many have been waiting to see the scary skins included in this years Halloween event. Fortunately for fans, Overwatch has finally announced the dates of their Halloween Event. With this announcement came a video clip of Zenyatta touching the ground which may creep a few fans out. With a standing Zenyatta, the Halloween event for 2019 looks to be as memorable as the previous years.

Overwatch has had a steady increase in players since its launch and as a result, has become one of the most successful multiplayer team shooters on this generation of consoles. With varied playing styles, characters, and weaponry the game has had plenty of content for players to engage with. With fan speculation mounting about what skins would be available and how the maps would be updated, it will be a relief that they can access this content today.

The Twitter account for Overwatch revealed that the event will run from October 15th until November 4th, giving players plenty of time to enjoy the event. Many comments expressed joy for the event and others continued the discourse around Hong Kong and its political freedom. The hashtag #BoycottBlizzard has grown as Mei has become a symbol of support for Hong Kong.

The aftermath of Blizzard's decision to ban Hearthstone's player, Blitzchung, after his pro-Hong Kong answer in an interview is still being felt. Since then the Hearthstone caster has tearfully confirmed his removal from Overwatch casting. Following this, Blizzard has had staff protest and received outrage from players. So much so that even announcements like the Halloween event are primarily comprised of comments about Hong Kong. Blizzard is yet to comment about Blitzchung's removal but the repercussions have certainly been felt across the Overwatch community.

The Halloween event coincides with the release of the game on the Switch. Unfortunately, the Overwatch switch port physical edition won't include a cartridge. Even so, any will be keen to get shooting in the new event. However, a political cloud definitely hovers over Blizzard and the company will be doing their best to avoid a further downpour of criticism. It is unclear whether Blizzard will comment about its decisions; what is certain is that the situation in Hong Kong will continue and with that, the backlash from fans of Overwatch will likely follow.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and the Switch.