Overwatch's 28th hero Wrecking Ball, whose name is actually Hammond, was added mid-last year and comes with an interesting backstory. Hammond is a hamster in charge of a quadrupedal mech that can turn into a wrecking ball with a grappling hook, hence Hammond's official ring name in Overwatch. Prior to this, though, he was a test subject at Horizon Lunar Colony where he was given heightened intelligence and became proficient with machinery. He escaped alongside Winston in the midst of an uprising, where he modified the escape pod to become his battle mech.

For some, the question isn't how Hammond managed to do all of this, but what type of hamster Wrecking Ball actually is, with Overwatch fan skrubb55 on Reddit seemingly discovering the answer. The common thought is that Hammond was a Syrian hamster, which is the most common species, but evidence actually suggests that he is a Roborovski hamster.

skrubb55 came across this when using the evolution spray, where they noticed that the pre-gene therapy Hammond has eyebrow markings. This proves that Hammond is a Roborovski hamster because it is the only species of hamster to have such markings, and the Syrian hamster does not. Interestingly enough, this also suggests that his gene therapy was much more extensive than previously thought, as Roborovskis are much smaller than Syrians, though this change is purely aesthetic and has no bearing on the Overwatch comp.

Syrian hamsters are typically around 6 inches in length, whereas Roborovskis are closer to 2. Given that Hammond is around 1 foot tall, that means his size was increased by roughly 6 times. These facts and the dedication of skrubb55 just speak to the popularity of the character, and it'll be interesting to see what role he plays in the rumored sequel, Overwatch 2.

Gameplay features for Overwatch 2 have even supposedly leaked online, providing a few details about it after its Blizzcon 2019 announcement. Reportedly, it will feature a cinematic showcasing Genji, Tracer, Winston,and Mei and have both PvP and PvE elements, with there also supposedly being a level up system to improve the heroes' abilities.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit