Word on the street says Overwatch 2 might be unveiled in a few weeks. If that’s true, then a new era will soon dawn not just for Overwatch as a whole, but for its eclectic cast of heroes and villains specifically. It would be the perfect opportunity to spruce up their designs after three years, and while it’s doubtful that Blizzard will change them up too much, one fan artist has given players an idea of the possibilities.

Overwatch boasts some of the most memorable characters of any game in the last several years, and a lot of that is due to their excellent designs, with each of them imbued with loads of unique personality. It’s no surprise that thousands of artistically-inclined fans have been inspired by them and reimagined them in countless ways, like giving the cast of Overwatch Avengers skins.

The quality of these pieces of fan art vary, but these illustrations of a handful of Overwatch heroes posted by Reddit user Raytendo definitely skew towards the more professional end of the spectrum. What makes them even more impressive is how Raytendo, despite going in a very different direction with their depictions, manages to maintain the spirit of the characters.

Take these versions of Symmetra and Genji. Both tone down the cybernetic details of the official designs, especially with a now-very-human-looking Genji, but one can still see the personalities that Blizzard has been conveying in the lore surrounding Overwatch. Symmetra radiates thoughtful meticulousness, while Genji looks ready to unleash a precision dash-strike on an unsuspecting enemy.

The experimentation gets even wilder with the new spins on Reaper and Reinhardt. More than an edgy masked villain, Reaper looks like an interdimensional demon projecting itself into this reality piece by piece. On the other hand, Reinhardt here gives off a brilliantly cartoony vibe, swapping out his full armored suit for over-the-top exoskeleton arms (the better to show off his muscular old man arms) and an even larger hammer than usual. Compared to these, Raytendo’s resign of Tracer is pretty tame, but the glowing costume accents and retro-futuristic vibe scream “Portal meets the 2017 Prey reboot” in the best way.

It’s almost like getting a glimpse at an Overwatch cartoon series from an alternate universe, and it goes to show how far Blizzard could take these characters and still have them be recognizable to fans. But fans will just have to wait and see what the future brings on that front. For now the closest thing we’re getting to official redesigns are the new character skins from this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror event.

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit