Overwatch's Halloween event for 2019 is up and running. New skins, intros, and map details have all been included in the event. Somewhat unsurprisingly, fans have already begun to edit intros in humorous ways. One devoted fan has mixed McCree's new intro with an already beloved gaming video, which has had hilarious results.

McCree is a cowboy with all the trimmings, he carries a revolver, he's a bounty hunter, and he's a great duelist. Overwatch, has a variety of characters, with their own sets of perks. The number of characters, weapons, and tactics have made Overwatch one of the most popular team-shooters ever. The new intro for McCree, in this Halloween event, shows him in an undertaker roll, putting someone in a coffin. At this point, the scene normally fades to black.

In the edited video, from the black screen emerges the words 'Skyrim' and the infamous introduction to the Elder Scrolls V begins to play. The horse-drawn carriage rolls as Ralof says' Hey, you. You're finally awake'. This trope has been around for some time but it is still sure to hit a funny bone for the unsuspecting viewer. The full video was posted on Reddit by ishtastic.  The Halloween event for Overwatch has new skins for all the playable characters as usual and there are some pretty interesting looks before fan edits.

halloween overwatch 2019

Blizzard will be hoping that the spotlight moves back to the game as they've been the focus of criticism in recent weeks. Most recently, Blizzard had to drop out of a Nintendo NY event to celebrate the launch of Overwatch. Although the Halloween event is pleasing players, Blizzard are still experiencing backlash. Most of the social media posts from the developer are filled with replies about the political situation in Hong Kong.

The protests in Hong Kong are at the forefront of world news, and Blizzard has found themselves caught up in the conflict. Some fans have made their political allegiance abundantly clear, with Mei being used as a political symbol in the Hong Kong protests. While Blizzard attempts to grapple with fan reaction, many will be pleased to see there is still good humor surrounding the game. There is likely to be more videos and memes that spawn from the Halloween Event this year. Many will be hoping that the content is as good as ishtastic's,

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and the Switch.

Source: ishtastic / Reddit