The adorable mechanic behind the Wrecking Ball, Hammond, has had an extreme makeover for Halloween by an Overwatch fan. Twitter user Nevens released his creation to the world to an outpour of horror and shock. Many fans will be hoping that the Overwatch Halloween skins are a little more easy on the eye than this particular creation.

Overwatch has been one of the biggest team-based first-person shooters on this generation of consoles. With a number of heroes to pick, with varying abilities, the game has seen substantial growth in players since its release. Details of the Halloween event for 2019 has yet to be announced but many will be hoping news emerges soon. Early October has been the usual time for the reveal of Halloween events in previous years.

Overwatch players were treated to excellent skins in 2018 for the Halloween event and players will be hopeful that 2019 doesn't let them down. The skin for the Wrecking ball and the genetically engineered hamster, Hammond, was a little frightening last year. However, the Jack-0-Lantern skin may have been slightly unnerving but the below image by Nevens is something else.

The roles of Hammond and his mech have been reversed here. Hammond is the mech and the mech operates a Hammond with six limbs. Much like the normal Wrecking Ball,  Hammond has four grounded legs which support two arms for artillery, which in this case are pistols. It's hard not to be impressed by the inspired role reversal, even if it is a bit scary. Nevertheless, taking a hero who usually gets a creepy skin and reaching a whole new level is admirable. Some would say that Hammond is one of the most fun characters to play as in Overwatch, so whatever skin he has this year, he will likely still have a loyal following.

With the Lego and Overwatch crossover gone, along with the chance to unlock the Lego Brick Bastion Skin, it's time to start gearing up for a new event. Although little has been revealed about what players should expect, horror-themed skins and map makeovers would be a safe bet as always. Many will hope the skins aren't quite as unsettling as this creation though.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version launching on October 15.