Overwatch fans are a creative bunch, often making things like Avengers skins for the game's various heroes and creating all kinds of art based on the game. One Overwatch fan has even created their own Lego minifigures based on some of the characters in the game, and the results are very impressive.

Reddit user Everchange shared their Overwatch Lego creations online. They include sniper healer Ana, Damage character Ashe, healer Brigitte, and the villainous Doomfist. Everchange's Overwatch Lego minifigures are highly detailed, and put together from different Lego figures. For example, the Brigitte Lego figure is put together using parts from the cave woman minifigure, the Star Wars Rey minifigure, the Nexo Knights minifigures, and more.

Click here to check see more photos of Everchange's custom Overwatch Lego minifigures.

Of course, there are also official Overwatch Lego sets for those who don't want to create their own. These include some based on maps like Dorado and Watchpoint: Gibraltar, as well as others based on different characters. Some characters, like Bastion and Wrecking Ball, are large enough to be their own standalone figures. Other Overwatch Lego figures are bundled together, with Tracer/Widowmaker, Junkrat/Roadhog, and Hanzo/Genji released as pairs. These pairings seem to be based on the Overwatch animated shorts that Blizzard has released over the years to expand on the hero-shooter's lore.

The Overwatch/Lego crossover has also extended into the Overwatch video game itself. Recently, Blizzard held a special event that let players unlock a variety of Lego-themed cosmetics for the game. The biggest prize was Lego Bastion, which featured a unique take on the divisive Damage character. This event, like other Overwatch event in recent years, let players unlock its cosmetics through winning matches instead of opening loot boxes, and was well-received by the community.

Since there is an active relationship between Blizzard and Lego to create Overwatch Lego sets, it stands to reason that we may see other Overwatch characters get their own minifigures in the future. But until that comes to pass, Overwatch fans like Everchange will have to keep making their own custom figures instead.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit