Although Overwatch 2 was one of the headlining games at BlizzCon 19 earlier this month, Blizzard isn't yet done with its predecessor. Michael Chu, the lead writer on Overwatch, has released a brand new short story that focuses on Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler and her origin story. However, many have begun to suspect that this latest story may also be hinting at upcoming content for the game.

Chu's newest Overwatch short story called Valkyrie focuses on the event in Egypt that brought Angela Ziegler, Ana Amari, and Soldier: 76 back together following the downfall of their team. It essentially continues the Bastet story from earlier this year, where Dr. Ziegler was working at an aid camp on the outskirts of Cairo trying to escape her past as the hero Mercy. It sheds more light on some lore elements hinted at in the game, such as what drives Soldier: 76 in his post-Overwatch vengeance and even how the trio came together in the first place.

For most fans however, the biggest reveal in this short story comes at the end with what appears to be an in-game model of Mercy in her Dr. Ziegler outfit. The belief is that a special limited time event could be coming soon where the new skin could be unlocked similar to what the game just featured with the Dr. Junkenstein event and the three special skins like Demon Hunter Sombra. The thought is that a Mercy specific event would be similar in that nine total wins in Quickplay or Arcade over the course of a week would unlock the skin. Additional prizes like sprays and icons could be earned for 3 and 6 wins as well.

Thankfully, even with Blizzard moving on to Overwatch 2, the company isn't leaving this current game behind as the potential new Mercy skin indicates. As Jeff Kaplan revealed, the team intends to keep both experiences updated including new heroes and maps. While the anticipated PvE and story content won't be available to Overwatch players, eventually the idea is to merge both games into one experience likely similar to how Epic Games handles the free Battle Royale experience and the paid Save the World mode for Fortnite. While both are available in the same client, players won't have access to both modes unless they've paid for it.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.