While Brigitte may not be everyone's favorite character in Overwatch, there are still a variety of ways to utilize her and completely catch enemy teams by surprise.

In a recently posted video, popular  content creator and professional Overwatch player Nathan "KarQ" Chan of the Toronto Defiant collaborated with Violet, a prolific Brigitte main of the Overwatch world, and the two put together an array of tips, tricks, and advice for players to deploy when looking to use Brigitte a bit more in the game. Though she has become a bit of a niche hero in Overwatch and an infrequent pick among players, Brigitte still has the ability to overpowering enemies when utilized correctly.

From minor mechanical tips to major hero counters, KarQ and Violet run through a whole range of useful knowledge when using Brigitte. Of the many pieces of advice offered, KarQ addresses Brigitte's capability in dealing with tank heroes in a variety of unique ways, such as how the hero can stunt the momentum of traveling MEKA bombs by using shield bash. Additionally, the video helps alert players to keeping their shield down throughout the pulling animation when being targeted by an Orisa looking to halt them. As stated by KarQ, Roadhog can hook Brigitte slightly to the side of her shield and to counter this, players should only activate their shield when they are in the apex of an opposing halt.

KarQ and Violet also discuss Doomfist, one of the most in-meta heroes in the Overwatch world, which can often cause a lot of distress for many support players in the game. A neat combat trick the video discusses is flanking Doomfist using Brigitte's shield bash as he's punching is way into the backline. Lastly, if stuck by a Pulse Bomb, Brigitte actually has the ability to survive if players react quickly enough to drop her shield, forcing the bomb to the ground. With precise timing, players might even have enough time to move away from the bomb itself and raise their shield to avoid absorbing any damage at all.

While being continuously updated throughout a series of patches in 2019, Brigitte has solidified herself as a staple throughout the GOATS meta thanks to her high sustainability and tank-like composition. Of the many patches, Brigitte was tweaked multiple times to reduce the effects of her overall healing output. Though she isn't as she once was, Brigitte can still be quite useful in obtaining a spot in the Top 500, especially for players who take advantage of the advice from KarQ and Violet's tip-filled video.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto