When Overwatch 2 first leaked to the public, there were a ton of questions should it prove to be true. One of the biggest is how the sequel to the currently massively popular team-based shooter would handle everything unlocked by players in the first game, which led to the belief and leaks that Overwatch 2 would basically be an update over the first game.

This has, in a way, proven to be both true and untrue. Overwatch 2 is a full-blown sequel and won't be something that will simply update Overwatch 1, but it will be accessible by original players. Essentially, Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 players will both be able to partake of the new maps, heroes, and more, which also means that original Overwatch players will be able to retain everything they've currently unlocked.

The widespread belief that Overwatch 2 would see players lose everything they've worked for, such as cosmetics, has been disproven, and it is confirmed that progress in the first game will carry over to the second, with Blizzard stating that it is looking at how sequels should be redefined. Reportedly, everything will carry over. Of course, there are still a ton of questions as to how content between the two games will work, how the shared world will work, and what, if anything, that Overwatch 1 players will not be able to access of Overwatch 2.

This is important because it's been confirmed that the original and the sequel will have access to the same maps and heroes, and Overwatch 2 is reportedly coming with a lot of new heroes. Not only was the long-teased Overwatch hero #32 Echo showcased, but Blizzard gave fans a look at Sojourn (who it later mentioned wouldn't be discussed any further). Sojourn will be coming with Overwatch 2, with a few other characters as well.

All of this new info concerning Overwatch 2 and its progression system is certainly promising, and hopefully, any lingering questions will be answered sooner rather than later. As it stands, there has only been a leak about a vague Overwatch 2 release window, so time will only tell when more about the team-based shooter sequel will become available.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.