It's been an absolutely massive day for Blizzard, as the company took to the Blizzcon stage to make announcements for each of its major properties. Among them was Overwatch 2, the next chapter in the FPS game series. With the new announcement comes a brand-new hero, Sojourn, who will join other heroes in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn's design is actually pretty interesting, though Blizzard didn't release any details about the character herself beyond confirming that the character is in the pipeline. She has a similar style to Soldier 76, which makes for a cool look overall. On top of that, Sojourn will be just one of the new characters added to Overwatch 2 when it launches, with Game Director Jeff Kaplan promising more to come in the future. Plus, owners of the original Overwatch will still get access to Sojourn, as well as all other characters, and it will carry over progression from the original Overwatch.

There are still a lot of questions fans have about Sojourn. It's a mystery as far as what class the character will be, or even what her background will wind up being like. There were a few leaks leading up to BlizzCon suggesting that Sojourn would be a playable character, and its been generally speculated for quite some time considering that the character has had random minor cameos throughout cinematics. It is interesting that Sojourn was the announced character, as there have been more leaks about a character called Echo who was also shown in the cinematics today.

The announcement cinematic for Overwatch 2 should be enough to get any fan excited, and the content system of blending the two games together sounds like icing on the cake. Time will tell if it shakes out well, but is exciting that the company is trying a new type of system as far as sequels are concerned. Plus, the story mode will almost certainly add to the experience if Blizzard handles it the right way.

As for Sojourn, fans will just have to wait until closer to Overwatch 2's launch to find out more about her. The character does look well-designed, so hopefully, she has the skills and background to match. Blizzard has excelled at creating compelling characters for the shooter franchise though, so there's likely little to worry about for the character. Plus, Overwatch 2 is apparently just the beginning. Worst case scenario, at least the other characters that are being added to the game will help make up for it, though who knows when fans will get the opportunity to see them in action.

Overwatch 2 is in development for unspecified platforms.