Not too long ago, it was revealed that Overwatch 2 would be announced at BlizzCon 2019 and bring with it a new hero, a PvE-focused story mode, and a new multiplayer mode, according to "training documents" acquired by ESPN. One major detail was not immediately clarified, and that was whether or not Overwatch 2 was a standalone sequel to the first game or some type of expansion.

Now, the same person at ESPN who has revealed these various details confirms that Overwatch 2, as it has become more commonly known, is more of an Overwatch: Chapter 2 -- something likely more akin to the recent facelift underwent by Fortnite. This should excite fans even more, as it may essentially be a brand new approach to the Overwatch formula, especially in terms of game modes and maps.

For example, Overwatch 2 will include a four-player PvE story mission set in Rio De Janeiro. Lorewise, it's known that Rio was a battlefield during the Omnic Crisis, in which the Overwatch took part and defeated the Omnics there. Thus far, it's unknown if this location is only for a Overwatch 2 PvE mission, or if it will also somehow feature in PvP as well. It's also uncertain whether every PvE mission is somehow set in Rio or if each mission will have its own location.

overwatch 2 logo leak

Overwatch 2 will also bring with it the first new game mode since the game released in beta back in 2015. Alongside the current Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid game modes, it will add a new mode called "Push," which is set on a new map based on Toronto. Given that Overwatch 2 has yet to receive a release date, knowing there's a new game mode and at least two new Overwatch maps of some sort is a big reveal.

The new reveals haven't ended there, though. ESPN also confirmed that new OW character Echo would be shown off at BlizzCon 2019, as the first new hero to join the game in Overwatch 2. There was a rumor that there wouldn't be any more new heroes for Overwatch, which is technically true assuming this is a full rebranding, but something that is also wrong, if this latest leak has anything to say. Regardless, fans should know for sure when BlizzCon 2019 arrives on November 1, 2019.

Overwatch 2 is currently unannounced and has no release date.

Source: ESPN