The Outer Worlds has made a significant impact since its release, the game has had solid reviews and a positive response from players. This has naturally left fans wanting the game on all platforms, and fortunately Take-Two Interactive have announced a window for the Switch release. The news was reported in the companies financial report, which reflected on a strong year and projections for the future.

For many, The Outer Worlds has taken the spirit of Fallout: New Vegas and brought it to a new generation of consoles. This is hardly surprising as the developer of the game, Obsidian, also created Fallout: New Vegas. Recent years have been turbulent for the Fallout franchise and with this gap in the market, The Outer Worlds has certainly found an audience.

The Nintendo Switch port has been scheduled for a release before the end of Take-Two Interactive's fiscal year. Take-Two has a fiscal year which ends March 31st, 2020, so players can expect to get their hands on the game prior to this date. Despite the confirmed window, Obsidian was "surprised" that The Outer Worlds worked on Switch, The co-director of the game, Leonard Boyarsky, explained that the company hadn't planned on a Switch release until it was approached by a third party. The fact that the Switch is getting a port will be a relief to players who have been impressed by the game and want it on the more portable platform.

outer worlds announced for switch

The Outer Worlds is being made available for all platforms, yet the future of the series may not follow the same release strategy. Head of Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty, has suggested The Outer Worlds sequels could be Microsoft exclusives. While players will hope to have the game on a platform of their choice, the positive response to the title suggests it would be beneficial for Microsoft to exclusively have rights to the franchise in the future.

The Outer Worlds has been a huge success and fans will be happy to finally get to play the game on the Switch. Switch players can look forward to investigating corporations, making game-defining choices, and tactile time dilation. The inclusion of the new RPG on the Nintendo Switch's roster is part of an increasingly impressive library for players to choose from.

The Outer Worlds is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Switch version is in development.

Source: Take-Two Interactive