Obsidian Entertainment's new ant game, Grounded, may have a feature it created for Fallout: New Vegas. Obsidian announced Grounded at X019, leaving some fans surprised that the game is not an RPG.

Speaking to Kotaku, Obsidian revealed how Grounded's ant colonies will work. The insects in the game can work together to hunt and get food and players can attack these groups, confirmed Obsidian. There may be several ant colonies and these colonies can gain power or, as they lose fights, they can be wiped out. Obsidian also told the publication that it has "talked about" adding some sort of Fallout: New Vegas faction system for these colonies but it's unclear if this will be in the game when it's released.

Fans of Obsidian and Fallout: New Vegas will be glad to hear that the developer may be adding another popular feature from that game to one of its new games. Obsidian also created The Outer Worlds' dialogue system like Fallout: New Vegas, something which many fans praised as they really enjoy talking to NPCs in the game. Obsidian probably won't get to make a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas but this allows fans to keep enjoying those features.

The faction system is also a big part of why people liked Fallout: New Vegas. The game has several factions in it and players can work them and get some rewards for it too. Ants cannot talk, but as Grounded is a video game, Obsidian may choose to add a system that lets players work with the ants to find food or to defend the colony. The trailer for the game confirmed that players would be able to get armor so perhaps players could get some special armor from the ants for helping them out.

If the Fallout: New Vegas faction system isn't added to Grounded, then Obsidian may find a way to put in one of its other games. The developer has also revealed that it is developing several big RPGs and other games. It hasn't shared any details about these and it's unclear when they may be officially announced, but a faction system is just what fans of Obsidian will be expecting from the developer.

Grounded releases spring 2020 on PC and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku