Obsidian Entertainment is working on several RPGs, the developer confirms. Many were surprised when the company, which created The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas, announced survival game Grounded at X019 and not a new RPG.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Adam Brennecke, programmer and game director on Grounded, confirmed that "Just like with Outer Worlds we have big RPGs being worked on right now. " The developer didn't reveal any details about these RPGs, but Obsidian's studio head Feargus Urquhart said that the developer has "more than one, less than 40" games in development.

grounded archer

The fan response to Grounded seems to be positive but many fans will also be glad to hear that Obsidian is working on RPGs too. The reviews of The Outer Worlds were incredibly positive as critics liked its gameplay and its writing. Obsidian is known for the RPG Fallout: New Vegas too and many fans would like to see more of that kind of game from the developer as well as new IP such as Grounded.

It's unclear how long the RPGs have been in development at Obsidian, but now that Obsidian is owned by Microsoft, the company won't have to worry about a lack of reimgs. If Microsoft is funding the games, it means that Obsidian can make these RPGs as big as they feel like. Urquhart also said that "increasingly my job over the last five years has been business, more and more and more" but now with Microsoft owning the developer, he gets to make games. He and the other partners at Obsidian "want to make role-playing games" and the developer is "the best place to do that."

It's unclear when fans may get to see these other RPGs that Obsidian is working on. Grounded will be released in spring 2020 and while not everyone at the developer is working on it, it will probably be trying to release that before announcing any new games. Some fans are also wondering if The Outer Worlds will get any DLC. There are things that fans would like to see answered, such as where did the chairman go and why corporations were put in charge of the colonies. Obsidian could potentially answer these before revealing these RPGs, but fans will be excited whenever an announcement is made.

Source: Eurogamer