Nioh 2 has released a brand new trailer in preparation for pre-orders as well as the upcoming beta test coming on November 1st. The trailer also came with a confirmed release date for Nioh 2 on the PS4 coming in 2020.

The original Nioh released in February, 2017 on PS4 and was eventually ported to PC when the Complete Edition launched in November, later that same year. Since the original title released to high praise from reviewers and fans alike for its intense, layered combat and challenging boss battles, the sequel (technically a prequel) has been highly anticipated from fans of hardcore action RPGs, offering similarly impressive boss fights and a new era of Japan to explore.

According to the trailer, along with a post on the PlayStation Blog, Nioh 2 will be coming on March 13th, 2020 with pre-orders available now. The pre-order also comes with special content, as they often do, including a Demon Horde Armor Set, a Sudama Netsuke Charm, and a PS4 Static Theme, for any players that purchase on the PSN before the 13th. However, for players looking to try out the game immediately, there will be a Nioh 2 beta test from November 1st through November 10th, with special rewards for completing the available content that will translate into unlockable gear for the full game when it releases next year.

Another announcement made today involves the lineup for November's free games available to PS Plus members, which includes the original Nioh, so any members who haven't tried the game yet can play before the sequel arrives next year. This is hardly a new tactic by companies, especially Sony, considering that The Last of Us was one of October's free PS Plus games shortly after The Last of Us 2's release date was announced. Sony has taken this opportunity to revitalize the community as well, calling on veteran players to guide newer players through Nioh and prepare everyone for next year when Nioh 2 will arrive to test even the most sharpened skills of both pros and beginners.

This makes for a lot of Nioh content dropping in November, and while the PS Plus version that is being made available to members won't include DLC content or other add-ons, it'll definitely give players plenty to hold them over until Nioh 2 finally arrives. Additionally, for players looking to get the most out of the beta, players can submit their Nioh 2 character creations to become the preset models for Nioh 2 when the full game arrives.

Nioh 2 releases on March 13th, 2020 for PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog