Last September, Nintendo released the Switch Lite, which is a variant of the original Switch that is made for pure handheld gaming. Since its launch, the Switch Lite was a resounding success as it was able to push out 2 million units in a span of 10 days. Now, it appears that Nintendo is reportedly planning to capitalize on the Switch Lite's success and is looking to introduce more 3DS games on the system.

In a series of tweets posted by the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo executive Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company is looking into the possibility of bringing 3DS games to the Switch Lite to cement the console's appeal as a purely handheld device. This would also ensure that the Switch Lite gets a sizable library of games given that the console does not support every single Switch game due to its hardware limitations. The journalist also mentioned that Nintendo is encouraging the release of 3DS Pokemon games to the Switch Lite to get things started.

Of course, it is important to remember that Nintendo still hasn't confirmed any of the information regarding the release of 3DS games to the Switch Lite. However, given the handheld console's resounding success, it makes sense that Nintendo wants to bring more games to the Switch Lite in order to sell more units. This would also ensure the longer lifespan of 3DS games given that the 3DS itself has entered a slow and steady decline ever since the release of the Switch in 2017.

To those unfamiliar with the new console, the Switch Lite is still essentially the Switch, without the hybrid functionality. Given that Nintendo is marketing the Switch Lite as a handheld device, the console cannot be connected to a TV and its Joy-Cons are non-detachable. The Switch Lite is also cheaper than the original Switch and retails for only $199.

Meanwhile, immediately after the release of the Switch Lite, reports surfaced that Nintendo is already making a new model for the Lite console. Apparently, Nintendo has already filed its plans for a new version of the console with the FCC but did not reveal how the new version will be different from the current one.