Pokemon merchandise expert Paul Ryan has revealed that the next Build-A-Bear Pokemon in the store's long line of plushies will be Pichu. The Baby Pokemon is expected to be fully revealed in the next few days.

The Pokemon franchise has an endless amount of merchandise to buy, including office-ready Pokemon shirts, but the Build-A-Bear brand of plushies has been one of the more popular merchandise lines. Pichu is the latest Pokemon to get a plush makeover, and it's sure to be a hit.

On Twitter, the owner of Pokeshopper.com revealed the next Build-A-Bear Pokemon plush. The tweet shows a picture of a Pichu with a hooded cap on, which looks similar to the hoods of other Build-A-Bear Pokemon. Pichu hasn't officially been revealed by Build-A-Bear yet, but there is no reason to deny Paul Ryan's tweet of the new plush. The official announcement is expected in the next few days. With Pokemon Sword and Shield releasing soon, it makes sense that new Pokemon merchandise would be making its way to stores.

Since Build-A-Bear has not officially revealed Pichu, it's not determined what the plush will come with. However, if the online bundle is similar to the last Build-A-Bear Pokemon Snorlax, buyers can expect the plush with a special outfit, a soundbox that will play Pokemon sounds, and an exclusive Pokemon Trading Card Game card. The in-store version of the Pokemon Build-A-Bear plushes are generally cheaper, but they also don't come with the extras that the online version does. However, those that go in-store will be able to decide how much stuffing to put in their plush as well as their outfit, so there are advantages to grabbing the plush in-store.

Pokemon merchandise is still extremely popular today, with items like Pokemon Center-exclusive plushies and other goodies garnering a lot of attention. Build-A-Bear plushies, however, are more attainable to the general audience than expensive, location exclusive Pikachus in different outfits. Build-A-Bears are not cheap, but it allows children to mix and match outfits for their new plushie friends, and are built to be for bedtime cuddles and daytime play, which many collectible plushies are not. These plushes are a great option for a parent wanting to get their child a Pokemon themed gift.

The full details on the Pichu Build-A-Bear plush should be released in the upcoming days.

Image Source: Social Woodlands (via Wikimedia Commons)