IO Interactive has released the November Roadmap for Hitman 2, and with it a huge amount of information for the anniversary of the game. Players looking for more Hitman 2 content will be getting tons in November, but for players looking further into the franchises future, one line of the post may shine some light on where the company's focus may be.

Previous posts from IOI have hinted at development of Hitman 3 already taking place, along with other IPs and more Hitman 2 content. So now, when the November update mentions "...we're already looking at what's to come next for the Hitman franchise," it all but confirms that development is currently underway for the next game in the rebooted series.

The new episodic series has been widely recognized as containing the best games in the Hitman series, with new content releasing on a regular basis for the latest title. This regular stream of content was the same strategy that IOI went with in 2016's Hitman, continuing until Hitman 2 released in 2018. So it is likely that the next major installment (or season) will be coming sometime in 2020 to follow the trend set by the release windows of the earlier titles in the series.

As for what to expect for the impressive assassin simulator that is Hitman 2, November will be a huge month for the game, with legacy content and new elusive targets dropping every week. IOI has already released the full catalogue of what's to come in their latest post, but it plans on explaining the anniversary content more in-depth in Episode #9 of IOI Monthly. This could also be when IOI decides to give more information on Hitman 3, along with more details on Hitman 2's plans for 2020.

It's still early to speculate on the future of the franchise, considering the only information out at the moment is that development has made it as far as the planning stage. This could mean that Hitman 3 could be coming in November, 2020 or even later, depending on how far development has already proceeded and how much IOI decides to split its focus between Hitman 2 and future games.

Hitman 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IOI Official Blog