Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just received a patch a few days ago to fix various unforeseen problems with the game, such as the buff to the already busted 725 shotgun. Despite this, however, it seems Infinity Ward is already gearing up to implement yet another patch. The news comes from the Senior Communications Manager for Infinity Ward, Ashton Williams, who teased the upcoming changes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare through some tweets.

Ashton stated the CDL (Call of Duty League) would be receiving some “love,” and said love would allow players to turn off the "spawn" camera in private matches. Competitors will also be able to use thermals to see through smoke, something they’ve been requesting since the game’s launch. Infinity Ward didn’t give players the ability to do so initially because it wanted the game to be more realistic, a goal the team seems to shy away from nowadays when it comes to the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The tweet also stated that the change to thermals would be "global," so every player will receive it, not just the Call of Duty League. Along with the global changes, Infinity Ward will be addressing the current bug plaguing the SnD (Search and Destroy) game mode. Right now, the mounting system in this game mode doesn't work as intended. When players attempt to do it, their screens will show that they're mounted and behind cover, but to their enemies, it’s as though their standing or crouching out in the open, waiting to be shot.

More changes are coming with the update, but Ashton didn't mention any specifics as to what. In a later tweet, Ashton claimed that she would post the full notes for the patch at a later time, so players will have to wait a little longer to see what they are. However, some of Ashton’s earlier tweets claim that the patch notes will be over two pages long and that changes are coming to weapons and perks, so there’s still a lot left on the table for fans to look forward to.

Finally, Ashton teased these upcoming changes as “the big update” that the community keeps asking about, and this has players hoping for something that might leave them disappointed. SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) in Modern Warfare has been controversial for a while now, and fans have been clamoring for its removable. Some are hoping that this "big update" is Infinity Ward finally addressing the issue, confirming or denying whether SBMM is in the game and removing it if it is.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.