While Western fans of Sega's Yakuza series can currently enjoy PS4 remasters of the third and fourth games, with the fifth to be released early next year alongside a limited physical release, Japanese fans don't have that much longer to wait for Yakuza: Like A Dragon. With that game's launch to come in January, a new story-centric trailer has been released, but it comes with a shocking reveal right at the very end, which shows that a certain fan-favorite character will be making a return, so those that wish to avoid being spoiled best look away now.

Although Yakuza: Like A Dragon will feature a brand new protagonist with Ichiban Kasuga, there will apparently be a moment in the story where he will encounter Kazuma Kiryu, the original series protagonist. Despite his story having been wrapped up in Yakuza 6, it looks like he will still have some role to play in the new game. There is no official translation of the new trailer but, according to DualShockers, Kiryu is the guardian of some kind of "treasure" that Kasuga and his allies are after, so it's possible that this is simply a cameo appearance and Kiryu isn't a major player in the game's story, though some fans hope that he'll be a summon as well.

The trailer is mostly spent on the plot of Yakuza: Like A Dragon, focusing on Kasuga and his blood-brother Masato Arakawa, who looks to be the game's main villain. Apparently, Arakawa was thought to be dead, but Kasuga, after leaving prison, discovers that he's changed his identity to Ryo Aoki and is now the governor of Japan and founder of a political group called Bleach Japan. When Kasuga and his friends learn that he's also responsible for certain incidents, Kasuga makes it his mission to stop him and save him before he "sinks even more into darkness."

We also get to see another two party members join Kasuga - new character Tianyou Zhao, the leader of the Chinese mafia and Joon-gi Han, the Korean mafia boss from Yakuza 6. Given that the aforementioned Bleach Japan group is apparently discriminatory against Chinese and Korean people living in Japan, it makes why these two would ally themselves with Kasuga. How these two will play in the new RPG battle system is not known yet.

The lack of a concrete Western release date for the game may be frustrating to some, but a demo is currently available on the Japanese PSN store, meaning those who know how to set up Japanese accounts on their PS4 can get an early sample of the title.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon will release exclusively on PS4 in 2020.

Source: DualShockers