Take-Two Interactive is a huge publisher which owns a number of studios and high profile game franchises. Naturally, a company this large has an array of successful titles and as a result players are always keen to see what is in development. A recent trademark acquired by the company has fans guessing at what the new title could be and some are hoping it is in relation to their favourite franchises.

Take-Two Interactive is responsible for franchises such as BioShock, Mafia, XCOM, and Red Dead Redemption, so when the trademark for the "31st Union" was revealed, players had plenty of game canon to back check. At the moment it doesn't seem like this trademark correlates with an existing franchise and it may well be the name of an entirely new game.

The issue with finding the game or title in which the trademark shares a connection is in the sheer scope of Take-Two. The company owns developers and publishers like RockStar, 2K games and Ghost Story Games. However, there have been untitled projects which are confirmed to be underway for the publisher. Many were excited by, BioShock Director, Ken Levine's studio working on a new "immersive sim" game. While many will hope that this trademark is a sign of Levine's studio delivering a game, there are other possibilities.

The "31st Union" could be part of a DLC for an existing title. Afterall, Take-Two Executives have claimed that a DLC model in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 is a lucrative model for the company. The DLC model does seem preoccupied with legendary bounties, yet GTA V has shown fans that there can be a range unexpected of add-ons to a title. There is the possibility that the "31st Union" is an entirely new title, that has yet to be discussed with the press, which is being produced by a subsidiary.

It will be interesting to see how the trademark is utilised in the future, whether it is part of an existing franchise or a new title. Take-Two has teased BioShock 3 and many will be thinking of ways to connect clues until the announcement of the game. On the other hand, many players would likely want to see a new franchise born with the backing of a giant like Take-Two Interactive.

Source: WWG