On November 21, Sony filed a patent that may have inadvertently revealed a new PS5 feature. The patent is titled "Scene Tagging," and it describes scene tagging as a system to "characterize user-generated content associated with gameplay information associated with video games." While not definitive, this may point to the PS5 having an upgraded way for players to share their gameplay with others.

According to the patent, scene tagging works autonomously to generate metadata for whatever gameplay screenshots and videos a player creates. The metadata details things like where the screenshot was taken, the names of the characters that are featured within it, and the names of whatever key objects appear. Scene tagging would thus make finding specific content easier for PlayStation fans, as it would allow them to search through metadata for keywords of interest.

For many players, this could be an extremely useful feature. For example, if a player found themselves stuck in a very hard video game, they could search the metadate created by scene tagging to view ways that other players advanced. The patent seems to point to this directly as well, stating that "the user-generated content can be used to recreate the recorded event so that the user can participate within the same event on the user computing device."

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Furthermore, the patent also address the possibility of scene tagging being available in VR games. This would be possible using a variety of technologies, which the patent cites as "an infrared projector, a camera, a depth sensor, a microchip... a variant of image-based three-dimensional reconstruction."

Independent of the patent's focus on scene tagging, it also appears to state that the PS5 controller will be able to "capture biometric readings," which suggests that the new controller may be able to track a player's heartbeat and muscle movement. Whether or not this information would be captured by scene tagging remains to be seen, but the patent as a whole does give fans an idea of where Sony may be taking the new system.

The PlayStation 5 releases in Holiday 2020.

Source: RespawnFirst