After a tirade of much-needed feedback surrounding the design of the titular character in the film’s first trailer, the team behind the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie went back to the drawing board to re-imagine the look of the iconic video game character. Earlier today, they showed off Sonic's brand-new design in a trailer that has gone down well with the franchise’s fans, and now, the film’s Twitter account has released a poster showing off more of the redesign.

The poster in question advertises both the film’s now adorable protagonist and similarly iconic antagonist, highlighting the wide range of changes made to Sonic’s look in the adaptation. For one, it’s clear to see he’s much closer to his more cartoony appearance in the video games, seeming smaller and sporting much more animated features.

He also has his classic gloves back, bigger eyes, and a pair of trainers more similar to those he wears in his video game outings. It’s no wonder that fans are singing the praises of the new movie on social media, with the studio behind Sonic the Hedgehog putting so much time into giving fans the exact movie they want to see from the lightning-fast blue hedgehog. For a character steeped so heavily in video game history, it’s clear the studio care about representing him correctly for his fans, and while overhauling his entire design might have been time-consuming, it’s a move that will no doubt pay off in the long run.

The trailer accompanying the poster shows off a lot more of what Sonic’s foray into live-action will entail, including his first meeting with long-time rival Doctor Robotnik, a look at the film's rendition of Green Hill Zone, and more details as to why the character is making a trip to Earth. Unlike the trailer that released earlier this year, this new look at Sonic’s cinematic debut has been receiving great reactions from fans, with many claiming they’re excited to see what this interpretation of the franchise will hold.

For those who unaware, the film’s first trailer received significant backlash and became a prominent joke on the internet after fans took an instant disliking to the look of the titular protagonist. While fans praised Jim Carrey’s eccentric take on Doctor Robotnik, they demanded the design be overhauled for something more accurate to the look and feel of the games. Paramount obliged and delayed the film to 2020 while they sorted out a highly requested redesign. Here’s to hoping the film is worth the effort.

Sonic the Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14.