Rockstar Games has had an impressive run of successful titles. From GTA to Red Dead Redemption, the studio has impressed. Therefore, it is no surprise that any leaks about new games are hotly anticipated. Recently the resume of an actor revealed a Rockstar Games project that has not been confirmed.

While Rockstar have not commented on a new game. There will undoubtedly be speculation about whether the roles in the resume are in connection to Grand Theft Auto 6. The CV looks legitimate and lists a body of acting work. However, the mysterious title "Fiyero" for Rockstar Games is a curveball, and may take some decoding from fans who want to find out more information.

It has been rumored that Rockstar currently has multiple games in development. If this is the case, pinpointing Fiyero, or Jared Johnston's role in it may take some time. YouTuber SWETGA has researched the CV and what the project could be. The title, Fiyero, means proud. Unfortunately, this doesn't give fans too much as the word proud can relate to a whole host of things.

While many have hoped that Bully 2 would be made by Rockstar, their hopes have been dashed, as it has been revealed that development was halted a number of years ago. Also, with Red Dead Redemption 2 still providing online content, it seems unlikely that there would be a new game in that series either. This means the Fiyero project could be Grand Theft Auto 6. This would also coincide with other leaks about the development of the game. Also, with it being six years since Grand Theft Auto 5, it would be a reasonable time to expect the announcement of a new game in the series.

After an actor from Grand Theft Auto 6 teased a release date, there has been excitement around a new addition to the series. Furthermore, this actors CV points to Rockstar Games working on a new project. The true identity of Fiyero is yet to be revealed, and many will eagerly await more leaks. In the meantime, the expansive features of Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V will be sure to entertain players.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development.

Source: SWETGA