Rare and Obsidian are about to reveal two new and exciting games at the X019 event, suggests an industry analyst. Microsoft has confirmed that its X019 event will have 12 Xbox Game Studios games and it seems that these two developers will be part of that.

On Twitter, Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed that the X019 event will feature new IPs from Obsidian Entertainment and Rare. Obsidian has just found success with new release The Outer Worlds, which was published by 2K Games label Private Division but it will be bringing new ideas now that it is owned by Microsoft.

Rare is the developer behind Banjo-Kazooie and Sea of Thieves, which it often releases updates for, but it seems that the company is ready to create another popular series. Ahmad didn't share any details about Rare and Obsidian's new games, only confirming that the developers aren't working on the games together, as some wondered because of the way the tweet looked.

Those who had hoped that Rare would make another Banjo-Kazooie game will likely be disappointed by this. When Banjo-Kazooie was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many fans remembered why they enjoyed the platforming game so much. Some also wondered if it meant that a new Banjo-Kazooie game was coming.

Many will also be wondering what Obsidian Entertainment is working on next and how the developer could have possibly had enough time to work on a new game while working on The Outer Worlds. Obsidian is also releasing The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch, so the company must just be very good at allocating reimgs. Obsidian, which also developed Fallout: New Vegas, is most likely making an RPG as that is what it is famous for, but it may surprise fans with something else.

As well as new IPs from Rare and Obsidian, X019 is also expected to bring an official release date for Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge as well as Minecraft Dungeons, and Wasteland 3. Microsoft has also been teasing some more surprises, and there is going to be one "shadow drop" of a game, which is when a game is released during an event. The Xbox E3 2019 event was entertaining and offered the Xbox Project Scarlett reveal, but it seems like X019 could also be a fun event for fans.