Back in August, Sony unveiled four new colors coming to the PS4 controller, with the first set of them now being released and available via certain retailers. Those who are in need of a new controller or just want a stunning, new color to add to their collection will do well to pick their new PS4 controller soon, as it seems they may sell out quickly.

These new colors are Electric Purple, Red Camo, Rose Gold, and Titanium Blue, which also follow the Sunset Orange, Berry Blue, Blue Camo, and Copper PS4 Controllers that released last month. Other than the new colors, these controllers offer nothing new and come at the full price of $65. Currently, these new controllers are available at Amazon or Best Buy.

Purchase the Electric Purple - Amazon, Best Buy

ps4 purple

Purchase the Red Camo - Amazon, Best Buy

ps4 red camo

Purchase the Rose Gold - Amazon, Best Buy

ps4 rose gold

Purchase the Titanium Blue - Amazon, Best Buy

ps4 titanium blue

While many may be wondering why these new PS4 controllers don't come with any update features, it's worth mentioning that Sony may be fully gearing up for the PS5. Its official Holiday 2020 window was recently announced, and it also confirmed that the new PS5 controllers, which aren't officially named but would likely be DualShock 5s, will be coming with a few improvements over the PS4 counterparts.

These new PS5 controllers have two major upgrades announced as of now: Adapative triggers and better haptic feedback. The former means that certain weapons and uses of the triggers can be modded by developers to highlight the specific use. As an example, triggers will tighten the more players pull back on a bow and weapons like SMG will feel different when carried as opposed to something like a heftier shotgun.

The example given to highlight the haptic feedback suggests that traveling through different environments will cause the controller to react different. Mud will feel sloppy and force players to trudge more through it, and ice will be more slippery. While the PS5 controllers are a long way off, maybe these new DualShock 4 controller colors will help players bide the time.