Today the Japanese Pokemon Official YouTube channel released another Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer. It’s around three minutes long and focuses on showing off some of the new Pokemon and forms that will be appearing Pokemon Sword and Shield. The quick cuts of the trailer reveal two Pokemon that we haven’t seen before in an official capacity.

Runegus, an original Pokemon from Sword and Shield, and the Galarian form of Mr. Mime make their debut in this latest teaser. Since we already know all of the exclusive Pokemon that will be divided among Sword and Shield, it’s safe to say that these two will be available to both versions of the new Pokemon games.

In comparison to his original form, Galarian Mr. Mime takes a darker approach to his aesthetics, sporting mostly black instead of white and pink. He dons a cane, a top hat, a mustache, and the black of his body mimics that of a suit. He overall looks like a stereotypical gentleman of the UK, which the Galar region is based on. Runegus looks exactly as his name implies, like a stone tablet with puzzle piece-like runes engraved on it. When these runes come together, they look like a dragon, possibly hinting at the Pokemon's type. Black tendrils keep the Pokemon's tablet-like body connected and allow it to spread and reconnect at will.

Thanks to the full Pokedex of Sword and Shield being leaked, diligent fans already knew these Pokemon were coming. Still, it’s nice to see a visual reveal nonetheless. Game Freak canceled its Pokemon Sword and Shield launch event at the last minute recently, a move that made it seem like it was trying to avoid having to deal with the controversy surrounding the lack of a National Pokedex. It looked like a missed opportunity for Pokemon fans to learn more about the Pokemon that managed to make it into the game, so a final trailer is somewhat welcomed.

There are only four days left until Pokemon Sword and Shield release. Thanks to leaks and official news, mostly all of the new Pokemon have been revealed, at least by name. What types these Pokemon are and what moves and abilities they're capable of, however, remains to be seen, which is probably a good thing at the end of the day. The games still have a few surprises left in store for players at launch.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will both release on November 15, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.