As November gets closer and closer, Pokemon fans have two big things to look forward to. First up is the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, which will take players to the new region of Galar, and the new soft reboot of the Pokemon anime, thought it will be some time before episodes are fully translated into English. A few details have since popped up about the anime, including the confirmation of Ash, the new character Go, and the return of freshly-designed Team Rocket. While each of these character's designs have been revealed, images from an episode have made their way online to give fans their first glimpse at the overall graphical design.

During the most recent episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon, it was confirmed that a special will air on November 10 showcasing new info about the series and footage of the show itself, as hosted by Japanese fashion model and actress, Marie Iitoyo. This special will be appropriately dubbed, "Let's Go to the World of Pocket Monsters with Marie Iitoyo! A Special Featuring a Thorough Rundown of the Pokemon Anime."

During an interview with Marie Iitoyo, the first images from an episode of the new series found their way online. Iitoyo confirmed that she has a guest role in the forthcoming Pokemon anime as Kangaskhan's child, which is shown in these images, but anything beyond that is uncertain. What episode this is from, what the plot elements are, and what's exactly going on is left up in the air.

That said, the images show a Pichu seemingly befriending Kangaskhan's child to the point where the mother allows Pichu into the pouch. With Ash having Pikachu and Go's only known Pokemon being a Scorbunny, chances are that these could be wild Pokemon, but until the episode airs, that remains to be seen.

pokemon kanga mom child

pokemon anime pichu kanga

pokemon pichu friends

pokemon pichu kanga smiling

While these images are a nice glimpse into the next Pokemon anime, there's still more to be shared. How the new Kanto region professor and his daughter comes into play, what the "secret weapon" of Team Rocket is, how it will traverse every region, and what Pokemon Ash and Go form into teams are all lingering questions, but perhaps they will be somewhat answered when the aforementioned special airs on November 10.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Serebii