Sony has been slow-rolling the details on its next-gen PS5 console, and with a late 2020 release date, fans are combing the internet for what's in store.

Luckily, a Dutch tech website, Let's Go Digital, has uncovered details outlining what could be seen in the upcoming PSVR 2. The details come from a patent for Sony's next-gen console outlining the specs gamers may see.

Sony has worked hard to win over other console gamers to transition to the PSVR. However, the patent confirms that the look of the PSVR 2 headset is nearly identical to its predecessor, save for cameras on both the front and back of the headset. The headset will also come with a built-in microphone and earphones, as compared to original PSVR which needed external attachments.

The move controllers are also noted to be of a better design. The controllers still appear to have a similar oblong shape, but will now come with cameras built into the controller as well. Likely, these will help with motion control more than the standard camera tracking of the original PSVR.

The potential of a wireless headset is quite possibly the best possibility in this patent. With the PlayStation 5 rumored to look more like the 90s style, Sony may be up to date with the latest in VR tech."In operation, a video signal is provided for display by the HMD [head-mountable display]. This could be provided by an external video signal img such as a video games machine… in which case the signals could be transmitted to the HMD by a wired or wireless connection." The possibility of a wireless headset would be a first for Sony and a huge step forward in a console VR system.

Sony's patent also provides a "Transparent Mode" which will allow players to be able to switch from gameplay to view the surrounding area while wearing the headset. The most reliable solution so far has been Windows Mixed Reality's flip-up headset, but now players can stay within the bounds of their game while checking to see if there's an obstacle in the way of their epic Beat Saber swiping.

In addition to the two cameras, extra LED lights surround the headset allowing the headset to perform "stereoscopic imaging". This would allow for 3D imaging within a game, while also adding the ability for augmented reality, or "AR".

Furthermore, there are rumors that Sony is investing more into haptic designs. The patent states that the system will be able to work with a "haptic glove" and may also be integrated with "a Haptic suit". There have been several start-up companies trying to improve upon haptic technology, and Sony may be the first to sell a gaming system with full haptic capability.

Rumors abound about the release of PSVR 2. Most are saying that the launch will coincide with the release of the new PS5. Mark Cerny, recently spoke with Wired and confirmed that the PlayStation 5 would be releasing during the holidays of 2020.

Source: Skystatment, LetsGoDigital