Half-Life rumors are usually just that, rumors, but for once a Half-Life rumor has been confirmed and players are finally going to get a new entry in the legendary franchise hopefully in the near future. The next release does come with a slight caveat, but this is still the first new release of a game with the Half-Life title in years.

Valve confirmed the rumors of a new Half-Life announcement today with a tweet from the official Valve Twitter account. According to the tweet, Valve will be fully revealing the game on Thursday, November 21st, at 10am Pacific Time.

Titled Half-Life: Alyx, the newest game in the series will be Valve's flagship VR game as the company moves forward to further support the format. There still isn't much information available for the game at the moment, but the fact that development has begun on a new Half-Life game at all is a huge step forward to fans of the series, that finally is more than rumors or teases from Valve. However, not all fans are excited about this latest move, seeing as how the pricing of VR gear can be a barring factor to playing titles limited within the format.

After the supposed story of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 leaked by one of the lead writers for the series in 2017, most fans had all but given up on the idea of getting a new entry for the series. While the VR title might not be what players had been expecting, or hoping for, it has at least shown that Valve is focusing on more than just Steam these days. What this will mean for the future of both the company as well as VR is yet to be seen, but fans should watch out on Thursday for when more information is released.

With so little information to go on, everything at the moment is relegated to speculation. Going on previous teases, trolls, and leaks, however, Half-Life: Alyx might be the proper continuation of the cliffhanger that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 left off on. That being said, considering the subtitle, the new title could be a disconnected spin-off within the Half-Life universe.

Half-Life: Alyx is rumored to release in March 2020 for VR.

Source: Twitter