Fighting game fans around the world are finding themselves incredibly invested in Arc System Works' next major entry in its Guilty Gear series (currently still only titled as Guilty Gear). Since its surprise announcement at this year's EVO, very little has been revealed about the game but ArcSys has consistently released short trailers showing off some of the playable characters that have been confirmed so far. Main stars Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske were the first to be confirmed, followed by pirate girl May (now having been aged up slightly), and most recently, the wandering British time traveller Axl Low received a proper confirmation, after initially being teased at the end of May's trailer.

While his trailer is very short, it gives fans a quick look at Axl's fight-style, which seems to be relatively unchanged from his previous appearances, as well as his design, but it's always possible that he has been given new moves. However, that was not all as the trailer then confirmed that those attending ARCREVO America 2019 (an event that's part of Arc System Works' own fighting game tournament) will be able to try out a playable demo, which will feature not only the four confirmed characters so far but another two. It also added that the next Guilty Gear character reveal trailer would be released on November 3rd at 6pm PST. Considering that ARCREVO America 2019 begins on November 16th, it's highly likely that this next trailer will reveal those two unknown characters, but whether they'll be familiar faces or brand new ones remains unknown.

ArcSys is certainly keeping itself busy well into 2020, with a number of ongoing projects still under its belt. At the moment, its still adding new content to Dragon Ball FighterZ, with the latest DLC character, Gogeta, recently being included, and there is still one more character yet to come out.

It also has another new game set to come in 2020 that it announced at EVO - Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]. There's even less information about this one, though a supposed leak suggest that the title will be coming to both PS4 and Switch.

Speaking of leaks, there has still been no word on the rumored Godzilla VS King Kong fighting game that began making the rounds ahead of E3 earlier this year. Considering the "leak" came from 4chan (which has a somewhat spotty reputation when it comes to this kind of thing) and the complete lack of any actual info, it's probably safe to assume by this point that it's fake and Arc System Works is focused on its current line-up of titles.

Guilty Gear is currently slated to release in 2020.