Destiny 2 is about to introduce a special Crucible mode for a limited time that focuses on gunplay over supers and abilities. The 6v6 mode is called Momentum Control, and developer Bungie is viewing Momentum Control as a kind of antithesis to Mayhem. Where Mayhem amps up the recharge rate of all supers and abilities in PvP, Momentum Control is looking to put the focus on the guns in Destiny 2.

The new mode, Momentum Control, will go live on October 29th at the weekly reset alongside the Festival of the Lost Halloween event and will be the featured playlist for the duration of the Festival of the Lost. Bungie listed this game mode on its roadmap for Season 8, but Bungie has yet to decide if and/or when the mode could reappear. The developer said that will depend on fans’ reaction to the mode.

As mentioned, Momentum Control focuses on the gunplay in Destiny 2 over the abilities in the game. Abilities are not getting turned off in Momentum Control, but they will be far less prevalent because they will only regenerate when players get a kill. Weapon damage has been increased across the board, which Bungie says is intended to make “everything” in players’ arsenal a “contender” in the mode.

The Motion Tracker is also disabled in the mode, which should allow players to sneak up on and flank enemies easier. This is a form of Control so capturing zones and the bonus gained for holding them will be in play, and in Momentum, zones capture faster and grant more score than usual for kills while zones are held.

In a bit of a strange move, supers are getting a higher damage resistance (something that was nerfed in Shadowkeep) and heavy ammo spawn rates are becoming more frequent with an increased amount of ammo per drop. Players often complain about how prevalent heavy ammo is in the Crucible, so it is interesting to see Bungie lean even further into giving out more heavy ammo. But, it may play well in the mix of other changes in Momentum, such as the super damage resistance increase, which Bungie said will make players ultra-tanky but that with the damage buff to weapons, heavy ammo will take supers down very quickly.

Players will need to get their hands on the mode to decide for themselves, but Bungie said that many of their developers are likening Momentum Control to the SWAT game mode that became a fan-favorite in the developer’s Halo games. For long-time fans of the developer’s games, that sounds like an intriguing mode to try out. Momentum Control will go live in Destiny 2 at the weekly reset, October 29th at 10 AM PDT.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.