The ever popular and still growing horror survival game Dead by Daylight got a new trailer this morning showcasing some new features for the game's newest upcoming chapter. In the trailer, we see a neon colored street racer running from something on her very Akira inspired motorcycle only to come face to face with her pursuer.

We find at the end of the trailer that this woman is named Kimura Yui, a vigilante street racer trapped in the Entity's realm. Her assailant is "The Oni," a samurai who in life was named Yamaoka Kazan, whose wrath ended up drawing the Entity’s attention. Hopefully Kimura ends up being better than some of the worst survivors in Dead by Daylight, as the recent track record for new survivors in Dead by Daylight hasn't been great.

These two new playable characters come packed with a new map, the "Sanctum of Wrath," which will form the majority of content for the game's next chapter, Chapter 14, dubbed the "Cursed Legacy." Cursed Legacy will release in December of this year, although a more specific date was not given. Which players will just have to make do with, especially when taking into account characters that will never be in Dead by Daylight. There also isn't any clue as to what the new map will look like, as Kimura and The Oni seem to be trapped in a featureless black void.

What is also unknown at this time are the specific perks for this new survivor and killer duo. An earlier teaser hinted that this new killer is somehow connected to The Spirit, who is currently one of the most powerful killers in the game, who also some of the best killer perks in Dead by Daylight as well. It will be interesting to see where The Oni stacks up compared to his predecessor. He is already intimidating enough, looking like a combination of The Terminator mixed with Bishamon from Darkstalkers.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.