After being on the market for almost two months, Borderlands 3 is working hard to keep players engaged. The Bloody Harvest event has been a key focus for developer Gearbox Software, but there is also more content coming in the future. In the meantime, though, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford continues to keep the community engaged by regularly releasing Shift Codes for Golden Keys.

Pitchford’s latest code is not as lucrative as the one that offered 3 Golden Keys last week, but a Golden Key is still a Golden Key in Borderlands 3 terms. Unfortunately, players only have until 10am CST on Sunday November 10th to redeem the code before it expires. It’s very likely that, since it is a holiday weekend in the US, Gearbox might follow up with a code for Monday, but right now this is the active one.


Shift Codes for Golden Keys were introduced back with Borderlands 2 and they have been a common occurrence ever since. Gearbox Software uses them to reward players – and keep their focus on social media channels – with some free loot and a shot at new Legendary gear.

Every time that someone from Gearbox Software – usually it’s CEO Randy Pitchford – posts a Shift Code, players take it to the Shift website and enter it. Once the code is redeemed, players can then choose which platform they want to send the Golden Key to. This is the step where players need to be careful if they have multiple Borderlands 3 accounts active. Sending the Golden Key to the wrong account cannot be undone and players cannot redeem the same code twice.

borderlands 3 golden keys chest sanctuary

After claiming the Shift Code on the website, players can head to their respective Borderlands 3 account and check their mail in the social tab. They should have a Golden Key message that they can interact with and claim the golden key.

Take the Golden Key to the Sanctuary III ship and unlock the chest in the back portion of the ship. The chest is nearby the fast travel point and the vending machines. If players are lucky the Golden Chest will have some quality loot, but don’t expect anything too great.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.