Friday has arrived, and Borderlands 3 players know exactly what that means. Every Friday through Sunday, and sometimes other days of the week as well, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford heads to Twitter and drops a prize for his followers. The prize is, of course, a Shift code for a new Borderlands 3 Golden Key, but players will have to redeem it before 8:00 am PT Saturday morning for it to still be valid. Today's Shift code is "W95BB-3BZS3-ZCBWC-BJT3B-9BTKS".

For those unfamiliar, a Golden Key in Borderlands 3 is basically a way to earn a bunch of free loot with no effort whatsoever. The Golden Key is a consumable item that opens a Golden Chest, located within the Sanctuary III base. Once the chest opens, all manner of loot will spawn including both rare and legendary items. Once all of the loot has been picked up, the Golden Chest will close until the player offers up another Golden Key for consumption.

Players hoping to make the best of these semi-rare rewards would be best served to save them for when they're max level in Borderlands 3. The rewards within the Golden Chest scale with a player's level, so being capped means the rewards will scale appropriately. Players can, of course, open the Golden Chest at any point in the leveling process, should they feel the need to improve some of their gear. Stockpiling Golden Keys for level 50 in order to increase the chance of earning a really special weapon is a sort of min/maxing that not every player is into.

The important thing is to make the most of the Golden Keys as they are received. Since Pitchford is releasing Shift codes three days a week and sometimes more, there's no reason to let the keys go to waste. Of course, for players who already have all of the best gear in the game, it might be worth saving Golden Keys for the next BL3 expansion. After all, a new expansion could bring all manner of great new loot as well as a potential new level cap.

Borderlands 3 players are currently in the third week of the Blood Harvest event. Despite the event being Halloween-themed, Gearbox is happy enough with it that it'll be kept on through November and end December 5. At that point, a new event will presumably start. Before then, Gearbox will release the Takedown at Maliwan update, which adds permanent new endgame content. Takedown launches November 21, so Borderlands 3 players will want to gear up appropriately. Golden Keys should help with that.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.