The televised Netflix adaptation of The Witcher is quickly approaching, and many are thrilled to see how the property will transition from the book and game to the small screen. In fans' excitement, the show's Twitter page has occasionally been posting images, including images of Yennefer and Ciri, and videos to stir up more enthusiasm for the upcoming show, which includes a poster for the show tweeted today.

Now that fans have some details on The Witcher series, including a Netflix synopsis, the show's cast, and vague story details, it has all been a matter of awaiting more previews for The Witcher. The most recent preview comes in the form of a tweeted poster that includes Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, and Yennefer.

"The worst monsters are the ones we create," the poster captions. It's also worth noting that the tweet includes a rhyming poem that implies a general theme of attempting to evade destiny to no avail. Further, the poem indicates that Geralt's horse, Roach, and a bard who is unnamed but is likely to be Dandelion are absent from the poster but will be important to the plot of The Witcher nonetheless.

Overall, the poster is well-designed and will likely contribute even more to fans' excitement for the show. Aside from the three characters pictured on the poster, it includes a map in the background. While it's hard to pick out where some of The Witcher's most beautiful locations are, it is possible to make out the text that shows areas like Temeria and Redania.

The Witcher Netflix adaptation is currently set up to be a massive success. Already renewed for a second season by Netflix, the series' success rests on the shoulders of many players of The Witcher game series but the books before the games also received a following that will likely contribute to the ratings of the Netflix show. Either way, The Witcher will be heading viewers' way during the holidays, so all there is left to do is endure one more month of waiting before the release of the highly-anticipated show.

The Witcher TV series is planned for a December 20, 2019 release on Netflix.