When the number one streamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins left Twitch at the beginning of August to stream exclusively on Microsoft's platform Mixer, fans were left wondering who would rise to the top of Twitch next and take Ninja's place. Juggernauts like Tfue or Shroud continue on their road to the top, but the most-watched streamer on Twitch for Q3 2019 is someone many won't expect.

According to a report on the website StreamElements, popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has taken the crown as the "king" of Twitch for the last two months straight. In Q3 2019, Asmongold managed to set the record for having the most hours watched per month and reached a staggering 13 million hours watched in September alone.

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StreamElement's report outlined the top 5 streamers on Twitch based on hours watched per month from July to September 2019. After not placing in the top 5 at all for the month of July, Asmongold passed 10 million hours watched in August and 13 million in September, reaching a total of 28,681,000 million hours for the entire quarter. Currently, Shroud still holds the overall record for most hours watched in a single month at 15 million.

Unfortunately, the WoW streamer made headlines last week for all the wrong reasons, after some controversial comments about the mentally unstable. The release of WoW Classic has played a major role in the popular streamer's success, however, Asmongold is known for being brash and outlandish online, so it remains to be seen how this controversy will affect his October views.

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While Asmongold's 1.2 million Twitch followers doesn't quite compare to Ninja's 14.7 million or Tfue's 7.1 million followers, it's hard to argue that 28.7 million hours of watch time in just three months is anything other than an outstanding achievement. It's likely that Tfue will take his place back at the top in Q4 2019 as the streamer pulled off 21.8 million views even after he took the entire month of September off from streaming.