Mortal Kombat was one of the first video games to get adapted to the big screen, and while some fans enjoy the original movie, it's not exactly a great action blockbuster, or even a great Mortal Kombat adaptation. Fortunately, a modern Mortal Kombat reboot is moving forward with production, and just recently one of the writers teased that he had "big plans" for Jax, a Mortal Kombat II character.

Just a few days ago, screenwriter Greg Russo tweeted a picture of actor Mehcad Brooks (Desperate Housewives, Supergirl), complimenting his dedication to the role. Russo also mentions having "big plans" for his character, Jax.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Jax is one of the major characters in the Mortal Kombat canon. He's Sonya Blade's superior officer in the United States Special Forces and is mainly known for his metal bionic arms. It's possible the "big plans" Russo mentions may have something to do with the incident in which Jax loses his original arms and has them replaced.

It was also recently confirmed that the new Mortal Kombat movie will feature characters from Mortal Kombat 3, adding even more characters to the already growing cast. There are already plenty of iconic characters cast for the film, including Joe Taslim (The Raid, Fast & Furious 6) as Sub-Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, The Wolverine) as Scorpion. Other iconic characters confirmed to be in the film include Kano, Liu Kang and Mileena, as well as the vampire Nitara.

Russo has been regularly answering fan questions on Twitter and has confirmed that along with those previously stated series mainstays there would also be characters from Mortal Kombat 3 in the film. He hasn't confirmed which specific characters from that game will appear, so much like trying to guess which characters will be the next DLC in Mortal Kombat, fans are now trying to guess which MK3 characters will appear in the film. So far, fans seem to be hoping for the cyborgs Sektor and Cyrax, the former Black Dragon assassin Kabal, or the Native American shaman Nightwolf to pop up in the film.

The Mortal Kombat movie already began filming two months ago, but fans will still have to wait until 2021 for the finished film to come to theaters. Already this new film looks to be much better than the original 1995 attempt. Much of this can be attributed to Warner Bros. promising to keep the film much more faithful to the games, such as including the bloody fatalities the series is so well-known for, an element that was sorely lacking from New Line Cinema's PG-13 films. It also helps that Warner Bros owns the rights to Mortal Kombat, making it much more likely to be faithful to its own property.

Source: Greg Russo/Twitter